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Do you have signs of an Oral Myofunctional Disorder?  The only way to truly determine if oral dysfunction is affecting your health or development is to have a comprehensive Oral Myofunctional evaluation.  Contact me today to schedule a free risk assessment and take your first step towards a healthier you! 

During the first appointment, I want to hear your story.  The journey that has brought you to consider this valuable therapy is very helpful in navigating your next steps.  I will listen to your concerns and share helpful knowledge and recommendations in order to help you discover what your next steps might be.  Together, we will look for signs of Oral Myofunctional disorders.  This full evaluation will be recommended in order to develop a treatment plan aiming to correct the dysfunction.  The human body is intricate and very complex.  Orofacial Myology is often just one piece of a very complex puzzle.  Working with me is similar to working with a personal trainer.  Utilizing the history you give, and allowing the mouth to show me how your muscles have reacted over the years, I create a plan and evaluate at each session to guide you towards success.  Often a team approach is necessary to meet all of the goals.  I am here to help advocate for your heath by guiding you to other useful resources.

Email today to get started!  

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