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Nasal Breathing Vs Mouth Breathing

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Did you know that our nose has some pretty cool features to help us utilize the oxygen we take in effectively?


When we breath through our nose, our bodies naturally produce nitric oxide. This important molecule is not produced when we breath through our mouths.  It is a key molecule in the cardiovascular system helping to regulate blood pressure.  Nitric oxide has also been found to be essential for the immune system, nervous system and low levels have been associated with many chronic diseases and inflammatory conditions.


Physically when we breath through our mouths, our tongue is resting low in the mouth.  This low lying tongue posture actually impacts the entire development of the upper and lower arches in a negative way.


Mouth breathing at night is associated with snoring as well as sleep apnea, which has a very negative impact on our heart, and all of our bodily organs.  

While there are periods of time where the fight or flight mechanisms of the body cause our mouth to take over breathing, our body thrives on the filtration system and amazing qualities that our nose has to offer.  


This is why lip seal and nasal breathing are such important components with such lasting impact in my treatment planning.  


Whether you are an adult mouth breather, or notice your child having an open mouth posture, addressing the root cause is extremely important.  Give us a call or email to schedule a consultation!

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