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Oral Myofunctional Disorders

Oral Myofunctional disorders are abnormal muscle movements of the tongue, lips, or jaw when a person smiles, swallows, talks or even when their muscles are at rest.  When we have dysfunction or weakness in any area, it often means that other muscles are having to be recruited to do the work of the tongue.  Though our facial and mouth muscles should be able to work in harmony together, misusing our muscles or using the wrong muscles can lead to some life long complications. 

Oral Myofunctional disorders can be caused by various things such as:

1.  Bottle use

2.  Pacifier or thumb/finger sucking habits

3.  Tongue or lip ties

4.  Airway obstructions

5.  Lip biting

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Signs of Oral Myofunctional Dysfunction

Mouth Breathing

Open Mouth during the day or night

Tongue thrusting forward when speaking or swallowing


Sleep Disordered breathing/Apnea

Messy eating

Tension in the neck and shoulders


Jaw Pain

Choking when swallowing

Dental Malocclusion

Newborn Baby
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