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What is Oral Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy is a neuro-muscular individualized treatment program.  I work with to re-train the muscles which carry over into the areas of nasal breathing, swallowing, tongue placement, chewing, and speaking. Our bodies are connected from our head to our toes.  When our muscles are functioning incorrectly, it is often other body systems that are affected.  Connecting the dots to our health can be a challenge but obtaining proper oral function has proven successful in relieving symptoms that may appear non related to the mouth. 

When treating my patients, I keep these four goals in mind:

Nasal breathing
Lip closure
Correct tongue placement
Proper swallow pattern


When these simple goals are established, patients report an array of benefits from better sleep, less tension and pain, less acid reflux and digestive concerns and an overall guidance towards proper oral development in children.  In an effort to reach these goals, oral habits must be eliminated and muscle re-training must take place.  Over time, the muscle memory develops, new habits are formed and the muscles surrounding the face and mouth can work in harmony with one another.  

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I would highly recommend Ms. Lindi! Through my whole myofunctional therapy process and frenectomy she has been there for me when I needed her. She has me doing exercises that I never expected to be able to do! Would highly recommend her to anyone looking to do a release!   -Ashley-

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