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In 2020...Show your tongue some Love!

Did you know that your tongue is an ORGAN...and possibly one of the most important organs of the body! It's often ignored by Doctors because there isn't a tongue specialty within the MD category. However, Orofacial Myologists work hard to assure that this life sustaining organ gets the love and attention it deserves. Not only is your tongue responsible for helping you swallow, talk, sing, whistle, make funny faces, taste your food and even breathe...but that tongue of yours can also get you into a lot of trouble and cause you great pain. The tongue can contribute to headaches, dental malocclusion digestive issues, breathing challenges, that wretched gag reflex, dental decay, speech concerns, and can have many indirect complications throughout the body. This dysfunction happens when the 16 muscles of the tongue do not work in harmony with one another or the muscles they connect to throughout our bodies. Whether you have just been given a challenging deck of cards for your tongue to work with, are looking at oral surgery, recovering from a stroke, dealing with headaches, neck pain, or TMJ discomfort...You need to consider showing your tongue some love!

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