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Full Oral Myofunctional Therapy

Add a drop of Wellness to your life!

  • 45 minutes
  • Zoom Telemedicine

Service Description

Have you already taken the step towards a healthier you by discovering your functional needs with a full evaluation? Why not take the next step and begin your journey towards better function. Therapy programs range based on patient needs but focus on creating proper lip seal, nasal breathing, proper tongue position, correcting functioning tongue, and habit elimination are the center of all programs. When these simple functional goals are met,we are often tackling larger needs within the body. People often pursue proper function on a quest to get out of pain, have more endurance, sleep better, attain proper growth and development, and correct inhibiting habits. Whatever your motivation is, you are worth the time it takes along your journey! Anticipated Program time 6-9 months following customized maintenance plan at successful completion. This program may be recommended after a Full functional evaluation is complete.

Contact Details

+ 4694434225


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